And I'll give you the world.

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A brief detail: Diederick is a demon, and Ulrich's bitch. He was eaten alive to be eternally kept to the guy.

"I do not know what death is.

Perhaps I had lived for too long, too careless... too arrogant and too confident to ever think of the moment it would come for me.

Is it like just switching off the light? Or is it more like going toward a really really long sleep?

I do not know.

Everything seemed to become darker...

I reached both hands into the endless space in front of me, but nothing was there for me to grasp or hold on to. It was like I kept slipping further away from consciousness.

Well, a few things I remembered before the whole world had started fading to black were his scents, his rushed breath, his shaky hands, his warmth, the hunger in his eyes, the coldness of the blood running down our bodies and...

What else more?

Oh, just eat me, and I'll give you the world."

Diederick © Me




Oh, just eat me, and I'll give you the world."


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เท่มั่กมาย cry

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อูอา ลึกซึ้ง

หล่อโฮกsurprised smile

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